Finally Found My Voice.

The Power Of Music: How I Started Singing Later In Life And Finally Found My Voice

Singer with the band Jackson Williams, Deborah Jackson
Deborah Jackson

I never thought of myself as a singer. I was always the girl who loved music, went to concerts, and sang in the shower or in the car. But it wasn’t until I met Skeet, who has been playing music all his life, that I started taking singing seriously.

Skeet showed me that music was a way to express myself and connect with others. And so, I started singing. It was scary at first, but with a few gigs under my belt, I found my voice. I now play sell out shows with my band Jackson Williams, I write songs and have had radio play all over the globe including Spain, Canada & America as well as the U.K.

Music has given me a way to connect with people from all walks of life. It has helped me to express myself.

Devils Only Flame – One of the songs I have co-written (C) 2023 Jackson, Williams & Thompson.

Singing has always been with me from the earliest age

My mum tells me that I used to sing in my pram. It’s always been inside me like a constant companion. I grew up in a large family and some of my earliest memories are my older siblings yelling “Shut up Deborah! It’s like a cats chorus in here”
I never stop singing, ever! In the car, the shower, when I’m cooking, shopping, walking, working and even some drunken karaoke has been known, but I never thought I’d be a lead singer in a band!

The power of music to connect us all

Music also had a powerful social effect. I started playing gigs with my band and it was so amazing to see how the audience connected with our songs. It is inspiring to see how music can bring people of all backgrounds together. People might come from different cultures, but they can all connect on a deeper level when they share the same love of music. I learned that music can transcend language and cultural barriers and it can be a uniting force in this world.

Why I believe everyone should find their voice

My journey with music has taught me the power of self-expression. I believe that everyone should take the time to explore their creative side and find their own unique voice. Skeet has written a blog about his ‘Songwriting Process’ that you might find interesting.

Music is a powerful force for good and it has the power to connect us all. Whether you are writing songs, playing an instrument, or singing, I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through music. Finding your own unique voice can be daunting, but it is worth it. Music has had a profound impact on my life, and I believe it can do the same for others. Never let anyone tell you that it’s too late to start singing. It’s never too late to find your voice and make music.


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6 thoughts on “Finally Found My Voice.”

  1. That’s really lovely Deb. I’m so happy that you’ve found your voice and it’s giving you a great platform for self exploration and expression.
    I hope you’re very proud of your achievements.

    • Thank you and thanks also for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment. Appreciate it. Yes, I do feel proud of myself and I’m looking forward to the next stage of this journey. x

  2. I’ll never forget the first time we heard you sing in the feathers, you were nervous, I’m sure you didn’t realise what a fantastic voice you had . The write up was from the heart. So pleased you and the band are doing so well . I’ll be buying your song a.s.a.p Good luck for the future xxx

    • I remember it well. Ruthin All Styles Music Club is such a great, safe place to perform to an appreciative crowd. We still go as often as we can x


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