Behind the scenes at a recent show

We thought we’d share some pics, video clips and some stories from behind the scenes at our recent show at Thornton Hough Village Club
Jackson Williams onstage at Thornton Hough Village Club, UK

Jackson Williams – Live at THVC – Photo by Penni Neale

March 25th 2023 – Thornton Hough Village Club with Bill Malkin and the Bandwagon.
Both Deborah and I have played at Thornton Hough Village Club several times over the years as band members for other artists so we were excited to be finally appearing at this legendary venue in our own right. We were also delighted to be sharing the bill with our good friends Bill Malkin & The Bandwagon. Bill is one of the nicests guys in the business and his band are all world class musicians (more on this later). You should definitely check them out.

Bill Malkin & The Bandwagon with guest musician Michael Ronstadt

Bill Malkin & The Bandwagon with guest musician Michael Ronstadt – Photo by Penni Neale

Bill decided to play the opening set, so we got to relax and enjoy the show before we played. Bill is a brilliant balladeer. Every song tells an interesting story. It’s difficult to label Bill’s songwriting to one single genre. On the night we were treated to songs that covered folk, americana, country, blues & even rock. It’s hard to imagine that the guys could have bettered the set, yet when they invited Cincinnati based Cellist Michael Ronstadt to join them for a couple of number that’s exactly what happened. Oh my! The last two songs of their set were next level. Michael is such a classy, natural musician. He certainly sprinkled some magic to close their set.
One of the bandwagon members is a musician that I have admired & respected for a number of years, but never got the chance to share a stage with him until very recently when Gary Edward Jones asked my to accompany him for his show at The Raven Folk Club in Chester. Chris Lee is a multi instrumentalist and an allround top guy, so we couldn’t pass the chance of asking him to join us on a few songs on his pedal steel guitar and mandolin.
There was no rehearsal, as there wasn’t for the Gary gig a couple of months back, but I knew that Chris would deliver on the night.

In the video below is a clip of Remember To Buy Yourself Flowers, which was the first song Chris joined us on. This is the first time anyone else has heard the parts Chris came up with. The smile on my face says it all. It’s only mobile phone footage, but there’s no hiding the joy on my face hearing one of my songs with a pedal steel guitar on it. Not going to lie, I’m still buzzing about it now.

Here’s a phone clip of Remember To Buy Yourself Flowers.

We played 12 songs in total & Chris joined us for 5 of those songs.
1. Slowly Burns My Skin
2. Getting Late
3. Remember To Buy Yourself Flowers
4. Beautiful World
5. The Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning (Cover)
6. Song For St Jude
7. When Trouble Calls Your Name
8. Madness Tonight
9. Playing It Straight
10. The Spark Between You & I
11. Untethered
12 Devil’s Only Flame

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I’ll sign off with another phone clip of Devil’s Only Flame, which incidentally will be our follow up release to Remember To Buy Yourself Flowers.

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