Learn a New Alternate Tuning for Guitar

Skeet has recently recorded a new alternate tuning for guitar tutorial which you can access for free.

Skeet Williams Teaches New Alternate Tuning For Guitar

One of the most popular songs from our latest release ‘Live in Session’ is the opening track Slowly Burns My Skin. The song starts with a beautiful, almost Celtic style solo guitar piece that I composed in a new alternate tuning.

The Benefits of Alternate Tunings on a Guitar are many, but I’ll list a few below;

  1. Unique Sound and Texture: Alternate tunings offer a fresh sonic palette that can’t be achieved with standard tuning. Each tuning brings out distinct harmonies, chord voicings, and melodic possibilities, giving your playing a unique flavor.
  2. Inspiration for Creativity: When you alter the tuning of your guitar, your familiar chord shapes and patterns change. This can force you to approach playing in a new way, sparking creativity and leading to fresh musical ideas.
  3. Rich Chord Voicings: Certain alternate tunings facilitate rich, resonant chord voicings that might be difficult or impossible to achieve in standard tuning. This can add depth and complexity to your compositions.
  4. Enhanced Fingerstyle and Slide Techniques: Some alternate tunings are particularly suited for fingerstyle or slide guitar techniques, allowing for intricate and expressive playing styles.
  5. Exploration of Traditions: Many traditional and folk music genres have their roots in alternate tunings. Exploring these tunings can help you better understand the cultural and musical heritage of different regions.
  6. Expanded Sonic Range: Alternate tunings can extend your guitar’s sonic range, allowing you to create music that spans a wider spectrum of moods and emotions.

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