New Merchandise Bundles Now Available

Our Album & Merchandise Shop is NOW OPEN!

And we are letting you know first.

We are delighted to Be Offering Some CD Launch Bundles & Early Supporter Treats

Here are the first few items added to our merchandise store. We will be adding more items over the next few weeks, on the lead up to the CD release day.

Tea Towel, anyone? (That’s a serious question by the way)

We are lucky in this day and age to be able to stock a range of merch with low minimum order numbers and we can still make a small profit to help us keep going, so if there are any items you’d like to see in our store, please let us know in the comments. Fridge Magnets, Tote Bags, Stickers, it’s all available if you guys want it.

Limited Edition a6 Art Cards.

We have a short run of Limited Edition Art Card Sets which we are giving away with every CD & T Shirt bundle.
There is also a deal on the CD & Art Card Sets coming soon.
There are 4 Cards per set and each card contains a lyric from one of the songs on the new CD.

We truly appreciate the Early Order Pre Sale Purchases – They help us to keep going!

We cannot express enough how helpful early support of this album is such a massive help to us. We decided not to crowdfund, instead funding the project ourselves, so pre orders are our way of raising funds.
We have set a latest date in our shop the end of May but we are aiming to release probably the first week in May, to coincide with our gig at The Atkinson Theatre in Southport, opening up for Brooks Williams & Aaron Catlow. Our friend from Colorada David Starr is also on the bill.

Tickets Available Here:

We’ll post some pictures of us both modeling the first batch of shirts when they arrive (next week hopefully)

Thanks for all of your support

Skeet & Deborah.

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