Rehearsals: Behind The Scenes.

I thought I’d share some insights from a Jackson Williams rehearsal ahead of our upcoming gig at Thornton Hough Village Club on March 25th.

As the lead vocalist of the band, I’m always excited to rehearse and perfect our music. The band consists of Skeet Williams (vocals, guitar), Sam Pritchard (keyboards), Coops (cajon), and me. Making music with these 3 seasoned musicians is the easiest thing in the world to do.

When we rehearse, we are like a big happy family, laughing and joking around. We love to share meals together at break time, and we use this time to discuss our music and make any changes we feel we need to make. We are constantly fine tuning our set so that our gigs are a great experience for our audience.

The whole act of sitting around a dining table eating delicious home cooked meal is incredibly bonding and relaxing. We always play well together anyway, but these social elements add to our dynamic. That’s the thing with being in a band, the more time you spend with your bandmates, the more everyone ‘locks in’ to the ‘hivemind’. It’s like you just know what your bandmates are going to do next. A truly magical connection can happen. This connection is fluid, so it applies just as much to the performance aspect of being in a band as it does to sitting around a table with your friends.

Deborah Jackson & Sam Pritchard from the band Jackson Williams
A typical meal we share at rehearsals

It just so happens that it’s Coops’ birthday this week, so I put some candles on my homemade Keto Mississippi Mud Pie so that we could celebrate. Feel free to hit me up for the recipe, It’s delicious!

Our rehearsal sessions are filled with hard work and dedication. We strive to deliver the best possible performance for our fans, and we put in countless hours to perfect our music. Each member of the band brings their unique style and flair, which creates a unique sound that we’re proud of. During rehearsals, we’re always laughing and joking, but we take our music seriously. We aim to deliver a powerful and memorable performance every time we step on stage. Below is a video of Devils Only Flame from the rehearsal, which gives our fans a sneak peek into what they can expect from our upcoming performance. I’m looking forward to our gig at Thornton Hough Village club on March 25th. We promises to deliver a fantastic performance filled with great music, laughter, and joy. See you there x

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