First Review for ‘Remember To Buy Yourself Flowers’

The first review of Remember To Buy Yourself Flowers was posted live this morning over on Liverpool Sound and Vision.

Jackson Williams 'Remember To Buy Yourself Flowers' Liverpool Sound and Vision rating 8.5/10

We are so excited that the first review of ‘Remember To Buy Yourself Flowers’ was posted this morning over on Liverpool Sound and Vision.

Early reviews really help to build momentum when we are releasing music independently, so we are extremely grateful to Ian. D. Hall for this lovely review. We have already had Radio Play in 6 Countries so far and good reviews such as this really help to accelerate our growth and reach.

Here’s an excerpt

‘The twin proposal of fortune between Mr. Williams and Ms. Jackson is further pushed by the intriguing work of the genius insight of Liverpool poet Ged Thompson. That flourish of words is dramatic, as one would expect from one of the city’s favourite writers, and by incorporating it into the music, the triumvirate of passions not only settles on roses in bloom, but adds distinction the array of flowers we need in which to feel at one with nature’s giddy release.

The working arrangement between Ged Thompson and Skeet Williams is such that whilst this is not their first time unifying in a musical accord, it is one that captures the ears of even the uninitiated, let alone the hard fast fan, and it is such a pleasure to be placed within earshot of this sublime single.’

It’s one week tomorrow that ‘Remember To Buy Yourself Flowers’ is released. We chose Friday 3rd March as our release date as it’s a Bandcamp Friday. If you don’t know what a Bandcamp Friday is, basically Bandcamp waive their fees on the first Friday of the month, so we get every penny that you spent on this download. It’s an awesome gesture from Bandcamp that they started at the beginning of the pandemic.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy reading the full Review of Remember To Buy Yourself Flowers over on Liverpool Sound and Vision


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